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They start declaring you this and that. Either way, I technically inherit your building and your spaceship. Which means Planet Express is now… Awesome Express. You rotten kids!

Ocak Ayı Boyunca Kargo Ücretleri Bizden

Ocak Ayı Boyunca Kargo Ücretleri Bizden

I don’t have it! Nibbler heat-blasted it off my butt. Lars? He doesn’t have it. He never had it. Fry had it! But Nibbler heat-blasted it off my butt! I want to stress that part. My throbbing sprunjer says otherwise. Now where is it? I’m not afraid of you or your expensive gun. Go ahead and shoot. Then what if I kill the woman you love? Don’t you understand, numb-neck? He doesn’t love me! Don’t hurt her. I’ll give you the code. Four, three, two, one, Lars, no! It’s enough just to know you’re happy.

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That concludes the part where you're alive?
Still warm. Lordy! Fry! Fry! That's the secret ingredient? That's the only ingredient of Slurm. Thanks, Bender. Your Majesty, I brought the prisoners. Well, my friends, you learned the secret of Slurm. That concludes the part where you're alive. You wish, you slimy worm. Good work. You have pleased your queen. Thanks, Your Majesty. Thanks. People are drinking something from your behind? It's gross. Is it? Honey comes from a bee's behind. Milk is from a cow's behind. Whose behind is that? I won't say.
16 Ocak 2015
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